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Entry #2


2009-07-29 23:56:30 by synoocheo2

Im happy today that i got to post a couple little comics i made a few months back overall ive heard from friends and family that is was a bit comical but ok.



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2011-02-01 20:45:43

how could you not like EBF3


2011-02-02 12:44:32

Dude. I'm saying this from the bottom of my heart... YOU ARE A BLOODY MORON IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE IDEA OF EBF, EBF2, AND EBF3. Screw you man. I bet you ain't got nothin on Matt's stuff. Hell, you ain't gott nothing on me, and I haven't even posted a submission. I could kick ur bloody @$$ anyday. >:( And how the hell do you not realize the pure genius of his epic deriviation?! IT'S CALLED A GETTING AN IDEA FROM AN IDEA!!!! Or, in terms a moron such as you might understand... a fanfiction-like game. If you smacktalk any more of matt's works, you will be CRUSHED by all the angry responses of his adoring fans. :P